Present your Ph.D. research through interpretive dance

The “Dance your Ph.D.” contest challenges scientists around the world to explain their Ph.D. research without a PowerPoint or jargon–in fact, no talking at all. So if you’re tired of trying to explain what your Ph.D. research is about to friends and relatives, only to have their eyes glaze over, this contest may be for you!

Winners of the 7th annual contest sponsored by Science, AAAS (publisher of Science), and HighWire Press, were announced November 3, 2014. For winning the Biology category and overall prize, Uma Nagendra receives $1,000 and a free trip to Stanford University in May 2015, where her video will be screened. Winners in the other three categories–Physics, Chemistry, and Social Science–cover a wide range of dance. Each will receive $500.

Though this year’s contest is over, it’s never too early to start on your production for next year.