eIACUC II electronic submission system goes live early December

Purple IACUC Mouse

The IACUC team has been working hard to create a new, remodeled electronic protocol submissions system for animal researchers. This new system will include:

  • Simplified protocol form
  • Reduced redundancy
  • Procedure-focused, selectable standard procedures

This system has been in the works over the past year, and we have made sure to test it at every stage. To date, we have logged more than 300 hours of testing. In preparation for deployment of the system, we have just wrapped up end-to-end testing. This testing simulated the entire IACUC review process in an effort to ensure a quality system at deployment. This testing involved a wide range of stakeholders, including IACUC analysts, researchers, veterinarians, and ancillary users.

We will be transitioning to the new system over a period of three years. This means that the system will run parallel with the existing system for three years. Initial protocols and 3-year renewals will be submitted in the new eIACUC II system. If any PI would like to move their existing protocol to the new system before their 3-year renewal, they can request support from the IACUC office. Protocols transitioned prior to the 3-year renewal date will still need to undergo IACUC review and approval. Currently, we are looking at transitioning protocols expiring in late March and early April of 2015. We will begin the transition in December 2014 by pairing  researchers with an analyst who will support this transition.

The IACUC analysts have been preparing and reaching out to the IACUC community all year through the IACUC Outreach Program. They are ready and available to provide support during the transition process.

Visit out website for access, instructions, and detailed FAQs: www.ohsu.edu/iacuc.