TTBD aims to bring together inventors, investors and industry

OHSU MedTech Alliance

The OHSU Technology Transfer & Business Development (TTBD) office is trying to send a clear message: We’ve got some really cool inventions at OHSU, and we’re open for business. Two new articles from the Portland Business Journal have focused on the TTBD office and the importance of commercializing innovations coming out of universities.

OHSU MedTech Alliance
Carmen Pfeifer next to her poster (Developing the new generation of dental composites)

The first article titled “OHSU conferences aim to bring together inventors, investors and industry,” discussed the office’s efforts to give investors and industry representatives a look at early-stage collaboration and investment opportunities and to advance OHSU technologies. These events were held earlier this month. The first was the OHSU MedTech Alliance, which gave OHSU inventors the opportunity to give snapshot presentations of the medical technologies they’re developing. The second event was the OHSU Third Annual Startup Symposium. This event discussed a wide array of startup-related topics such as corporate and traditional venture capital, startup models and business incubators at other universities, and things to know before you start a company. Both events attracted more than 150 attendees, with the majority of attendees coming from outside industry partners or startup companies.

The second article released was titled “‘Just pee in a cup’ and other big ideas from OHSU inventors.” This article highlighted several OHSU technologies developed by our staff.

This included inventions from:

  • Kim Burchiel, M.D., FACS, CereMod Inc., Deep brain stimulation to treat obesity
  • Trevor Levin, Ph.D., Urology Diagnostics, Extracting DNA from a urine sample to detect bladder cancer recurrence
  • David Farrell, Ph.D., FAHA, Gamma Therapeutics, Cardiovascular disease risk assessment
  • Paul Cordo, Ph.D., AMES Technology, Inc., Stroke rehabilitation system
  • Bill Kelly, MBA, ReelDX, Personal clinical videos

For questions about TTBD-related events or to learn more about our office, please contact us at or call our main line at 4-8200.