Eric Gouaux, Ph.D., awarded honorary doctorate by the University of Copenhagen

Eric Gouaux, Ph.D.

OHSU’s Dr. Eric Gouaux, senior scientist and principal investigator in the Vollum Institute, this week was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Copenhagen for research of the molecular principles underpinning the structure and function of chemical synapses. The award was conferred as part of a symposium organized on behalf of the university’s Drug Research Academy. Dr. Gouaux was the symposium’s keynote speaker, presenting on the topic “Atomic architecture and molecular choreography at the chemical synapses of the brain.”

Honorary doctorates—which are a tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages—are awarded to researchers in recognition of their scientific endeavors and are the highest academic accolade that the University of Copenhagen confers. The vast majority of honorary doctorates are conferred on non-Danish scientists who, as visiting teachers or through international research collaboration, have played a significant role in research and researcher training at the University of Copenhagen. Congratulations to Dr. Gouaux!