NIH supplemental funding opportunity: Adding gender factors to study considerations

The Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH) has announced the availability of administrative supplements to NIH-funded researchers to encourage the consideration of sex/gender factors in their ongoing research. If you currently have NIH funding under one of the following mechanisms, you may be eligible : P01, P20, P30, P50, P60, PM1, U10, U19, U54, U56, UM1, DP!, DP2, DP3, DP4, DP5/UP5, RM1, R01, R15, R37, and U01.

The proposed research must address at least one objective from Goals 1 through 3 of the NIH Strategic Plan for Women’s Health Research. The following approaches are considered responsive to the intent of the supplement:

  • Adding the Opposite Sex: The addition of animal or human subjects, tissues or cells of the sex opposite to those used in the parent grant to allow sex-based comparisons.
  • Increasing Sample Size: The addition of more animal or human subjects, tissues or cells to a sample which already includes both males and females in order to increase the power of a study to analyze for a sex/gender difference.
  • Conducting New Comparative Analyses: Sex/gender comparative analyses of existing samples or datasets.
  • Single Sex Study (with justification): Applicants proposing to use subjects of only one sex may be considered responsive if the administrative supplement request addresses how the data obtained will address and inform the influence of sex on health and disease.

Please see the announcement or contact for further details.