What happened at the OHSU Startup Symposium?

For the third consecutive year, TTBD hosted OHSU’s Annual Startup Symposium on Thursday, Nov. 6, for more than 200 participants in the OHSU Auditorium. The theme and focus of this year’s event “Changing Investment Landscape for Life Science Companies & Early Stage Technologies” brought local business experts and leaders as well as industry representatives and investors from out of state to connect and meet one-to-one with OHSU faculty and startup companies. This symposium provided an exclusive opportunity for participants to learn from one another, identify next steps for financing, and establish new contacts and relationships in the industry. Some of the companies that attended from across the nation included: Accelerator Corporation, Allegory Venture Partners, Decheng Capital, GE Healthcare Ventures, Global Good & Research at Intellectual Ventures, Lilly Ventures, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and Welch Allyn.

The symposium included two keynote speakers and panels on traditional venture capital investment, corporate venture investment, things to know before you start a company, and startup models and incubators at other universities. More than 50 pre-selected, one-to-one partnering meetings between industry/investor representatives and OHSU startup companies occurred concurrently throughout the afternoon. TTBD will be following up with companies, investors and startups for any immediate and long-term outcomes from the day-long event.

“The meetings with VCs was a very informative and interactive process that allowed us to learn from the experience and hone our skills at presenting in a concise but impactful manner. Having a range of potential investors was an added benefit, as it allowed us to find how our pitch resonated with different VCs.”– Linn Goldberg, Managing Partner at Odyssey Science Innovations, an OHSU Startup

OHSU innovators interested in starting their own company are encouraged to contact TTBD to discuss the invention and thoughts about developing and commercializing the intellectual property through a startup company.

See the full videos of the opening remarks and the event keynotes by visiting the Technology Transfer and Business Development website.