Important InfoEd information for OHSU researchers: changes to key personnel process

This just in from the OHSU Office of Proposal and Award Management: effective Monday, December 15th, if a proposal includes key personnel from a different department with at least 5% effort, it can be routed as Information Only to the key person, their department chair or unit head, and their dean or director.

This is a significant change to the previous requirement  to route the proposal for Approval.  The Information Only route will notify individuals listed but will not delay the rest of the approval route.

Approval by the PI, the department chair and the dean or director is still required.

Please note that if you have answered Yes to the ePPQ question regarding the use of Non-Human Primates, ONPRC approval is required.

The InfoEd Electronic Routing User Guide has been updated and has instructions on adding an Information Only individual to the route.