New NIH RePORT tool: Matchmaker

Are you curious about which NIH institutes or centers (ICs) may be interested in your research and which study section may review work like yours? Matchmaker is a new query interface in NIH’s Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT) that grants access to information about NIH funded research in order to address these questions. This tool allows users to enter manuscript abstracts, research bios, or other scientific text and retrieve a list of similar projects from the RePORTER database based on analysis of key terms and concepts.

Results are presented in a list of the top 100 most-similar NIH-funded projects, ranked by match score. Several graphs are also returned that show the distribution of NIH institutes or centers funding these projects, the activity codes these projects use, and which study section the projects were reviewed in.

This new functionality can help researchers identify the best ICs to reach out to when putting an application together as well as where the application is likely to be reviewed. Matchmaker can also help identify collaborators, potential labs to move into if you’re a trainee, and more. An instructional video provides information on how to locate the Matchmaker function on the RePORTER query form as well as a demonstration.