NIH unveils new new biosketch form

Early today, the National Institutes of Health announced it is revising, again, its biosketch form. Here’s a preview:

Contributions to Science. Please fill in the blanks as indicated.

  1. I was the [adjective] investigator in the following studies. My [adverb] publications [adverb] [verb] in [noun]. However, because [adjective] [noun] did not [verb], I believe [noun] will become a [adjective] issue in the field. The [adjective] publications here found that [adjective] [plural noun] showed increased [noun] when tested via [noun]. These publications document this [adjective] problem but guide [plural noun] and [plural noun] to [verb] in most situations. By providing [noun] and [adjective] [noun], these publications have changed the [noun] for [noun] and will continue to [verb] in [adjective] settings.

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