NIH launches new and updated web resources

This week, the NIH unveiled two valuable resources for the biomedical research community:

The new Biomedical Data Science website was launched on Apr. 13 as part of the NIH’s push to harness the potential of  computational data to advance biomedical research. The new site features information on the following NIH-wide efforts:

  • Data Science Community: Read about the Community’s mission, recent news and events, community engagement, training, and the NIH Data Science Workforce Development Center. Here you can also access the Input | Output blog, a Community news and discussion forum that covers topics as wide ranging as the use of Cloud services for storing and analyzing protected data to updates on Community events.
  • The Commons: Learn about this shared computing environment intended to improve access and use of shared digital research data.
  • BD2K: The Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative was launched in 2012 to support new approaches to improving access to Big Data. The new BD2K site provides links to FOAs as well as information on BD2K working groups and news related to the initiative.
In related news, the NIH peer review website, Guidance for Reviewers, just got a new look as well as enhanced functionality and content. The site update is designed to help both reviewers and applicants better understand the peer review process and requirements by providing step-by-step instructions and reviewer do’s and don’ts.