IRB Notes: eIRB Helpdesk – Transferring to the new system

As stated in the From the Chair, the new eIRB system will transfer all existing studies (active and closed-to-enrollment) from the current system. We will be looking to you for your help in making the transition as easy as possible. To help the transition to the new system be smooth and accurate, you can help us by:

  1. Archiving all documents no longer being used in your research
  2. Renaming documents with standard naming conventions (e.g., Protocol, Consent Form, Consent & Authorization, Recruitment/Advertisement Flyer, etc.)
  3. Getting your studies and modifications submitted as soon as possible in the coming months
  4. Submitting continuing reviews early for the next few months to ensure no last minute ‘scrambles’ to avoid any lapses
  5. Attending our brown bag sessions. For more information, see our IRB Education page.
  6. Cleaning out any old studies, modifications, continuing reviews, adverse events, protocol deviations, etc., that have been abandoned or need to be withdrawn
  7. Responding quickly to any questions confirming your study status

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact David Holmgren, IRB manager, at 503 346-3528 or via email at

We are excited about this project and appreciate all of your in the research community for your patience while we continue to improve our processes. We wouldn’t succeed without your support and active involvement. Thank you!