Recap: Spring MedTech Alliance event

The MedTech Alliance program is a platform for investors, industry representatives, and community partners to stay up to date on early-stage collaboration and investment opportunities at OHSU. The goal of the MedTech Alliance is to facilitate collaborations and investment opportunities in order to advance OHSU innovations.

On May 6, the MedTech Alliance held its second annual spring meeting. The event featured discussions on four different technologies created at OHSU. Technologies highlighted included:

From left to right: Presenters – Trina Voss, Dorota Shortell, Andrew Chitty. Moderator – Akana Ma
  • Bioabsorbable dural clips (presented by Neil Roundy, M.D., and  Rachel Dreilinger)
  • New generation of dental composites (presented by Carmem Pfeifer, D.D.S., Ph.D.)
  • Accurate in-home collection of blood samples (presented by Andrew Chitty, MBA; Dorota Shortell, MSME; Trina Voss)
  • Antithrombotic drugs without bleeding side effects (presented by Andras Gruber, M.D.)

The meeting’s 80 guests included representatives from:

  • 27 industry and investor partners
  • 7 community partners
  • 5 OHSU startups
  • 13 OHSU institutions

The next MedTech Alliance event is scheduled for fall 2015 (date TBD).  For news and updates, please visit the MedTech Alliance webpage.

OHSU’s MedTech Alliance was founded by OHSU’s Office of Technology Transfer & Business Development and the Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute. For questions or inquiries regarding the MedTech Alliance program, please contact Trish Pruis, Ph.D., business development associate, at