Are you interested in starting a company? Read this.

If you’re a researcher who wants to start a technology or other company, you may want to know how to do that within the context of OHSU. For example, is it ok to ask your lab staff to help write the STTR grant? (No! It is not!) Are there resources here to help you navigate the startup process? (Yes! There are!) The OHSU Startup Guide is a new handbook that provides an overview of the processes for forming a startup company at OHSU. You’ll find information about OHSU policies  that faculty, students, and staff need to know. It also provides local entrepreneurial and community resources that may aid faculty, students, or staff  through startup development and launch.

The office of Technology Transfer & Business Development (TTBD) is the primary contact for guidance and answers regarding inventions, intellectual property, licensing, patenting, and other related topics. View the 2015 OHSU Startup Guide today, and visit the TTBD website to learn more about OHSU startup companies.