Research Courtyard: Construction testing on Vollum and RJH, Sept. 4-6

vollum_instituteUPDATE 9/2/15 at 11 a.m.: The testing scheduled for Sept. 4-6 has been postponed. More details to come.

OHSU has embarked on large renovation project on the Vollum Institute—and part of this renovation includes replacing the façade, which is damaged in places and thus represents a potential hazard. With construction to remove the façade of the building expected to begin next May, crews will be performing a series of tests this weekend to determine sound and vibration impacts of the project. Beginning at 10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 4, and continuing through Sunday, Sept. 6, crews will remove tile and a window from the lower left front of the building, removing brick on the east side of the first and third floors, and doing some minor test drilling on other parts of the façade. This exploratory work is necessary to determine what will be involved in the complete removal of the building’s aging terra cotta tile exterior. Note: Occupants in the Vollum and adjacent buildings should expect to experience a fair amount of noise. There is unlikely to be any vibration that would disrupt imaging or electrophysiology work.

At the same time, a new high-voltage conduit for the Old Library service will be installed. Crews will be running electrical conduits under CROET through the tunnel into the electrical vault beneath Richard Jones Hall. This work will be done Friday and Saturday morning from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. and will involve rotohammering anchors into the underside of the concrete building structure. The noise will transmit throughout both RJH and CROET. It will be most intense on the lower floors, but noticeable on all.

The Vollum and surrounding buildings are no strangers to construction noise and related disruptions. The research courtyard has been the site of several large-scale projects in the past year, including completing the North Campus Utility Plant behind RJH and Vollum. Currently, the courtyard is Ground Zero for the construction of the Center for Radiochemistry Research, which will be located between the Medical Research Building and Mackenzie Hall.

Building occupants are asked to provide feedback to the team conducting this test. How were you impacted? What was the level of disruption, if any? What specific areas were affected? What are your biggest concerns? Feedback and questions should be directed to Lee Weidman at Individual outreach is also planned to collect further data on the potential impacts.