Updated pre-award service level understanding agreement in effect Oct. 6

It’s not novel. It’s not new. It’s just improved! The Office of Proposal and Award Management, with assistance from departmental representatives across OHSU, have arrived at an updated service level understanding (SLU) agreement. The updated SLU will go into effect Oct. 6, 2015.

The purposes of the SLU are to:

  1. Describe the pre-award services to be provided by OPAM to research departments and units at OHSU
  2. Identify the performance expectations for the pre-award services offered by OPAM
  3. Identify the obligations and responsibilities of research units to permit OPAM to meet its stated performance expectations

Under the revamped SLU, there will be two levels of OPAM review available to research units regarding sponsored program submissions. If the unit routes the submission to OPAM in a timely fashion (10 days or more prior to requested sponsor deadline) then there will be a thorough review, which will encompass competitive aspects, sponsor-required components, and institutional liability and commitments, thus resulting in a submission with the greatest opportunity for funding. If, however, the research unit routes the submission to OPAM in less than the requested timeline, the submission will only be reviewed for a short list of items that involve commitments by the institution or liability incurred by the Institution. Other items that lend to the competitiveness of the submission (formatting, ancillary documentation, etc.) will be the responsibility of the research unit and PI to have checked, as there will not be sufficient time for OPAM to conduct a thorough review.

Also, OPAM will be using InfoEd to track the timeliness of submissions, relating to the SLU and will be able to report on the success or inability of each research unit to meet the SLU.

For a detailed look at the roles and responsibilities associated with the updated SLU, and the SLU time table, please see “Important Links” here. If you have questions or concerns related to the SLU, please contact the OPAM pre-award manager, Aric Dutelle at dutelle@ohsu.edu or 503 494-7033.

If you have questions about the updated SLU, join OPAM Pre-award for a brown bag session on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 1 to 2 p.m., the Center for Health & Healing 3171.