MARC is soliciting Center Component projects – applications due Nov. 16

Please note: this is an update on the Oct. 1 posting, which contained incomplete information.

marcThe Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center (MARC), is soliciting applications for Center Component projects to include in its P50 Center grant renewal. This NIDA-funded center at OHSU and the Portland VA Medical Center, currently in its 9th year of funding, plans to submit its renewal application next September and is seeking input on potential new research directions. The MARC approaches drug addiction research at all levels in a translational context; as such, both clinical and basic science projects are welcome and there is a particular interest in the role of trace amine associated receptor 1 (TAAR1) in methamphetamine abuse.

A project component has a five-year duration and an approximate budget of $150,000 in direct costs per year, with some costs covered by the center’s cores.

Project proposals are due on November 16. Interested investigators should submit a one-page document that includes a brief hypothesis- and data-driven project description and specific aims related to the center’s overarching theme or to TAAR1-related themes as suggested by this recent paper. Applications will be collated and common themes will be discussed at a meeting of all submitters in early- to mid- December. Competitive proposals will require strong preliminary data, so be prepared to discuss data that you have or expect to have in support of your proposal.

Submit your proposals to For any inquiries, contact Aaron Janowsky, Ph.D., Program Director/Principal Investigator; Tamara Phillips, Ph.D., Scientific Director; or William Schutzer, Administrative Manager.