Protecting your research with Aeroscout

As we mentioned last March, the Senior Vice President for Research Office and OHSU Facilities and Logistics are rolling out Aeroscout for research equipment. This system is a monitoring solution for freezers, refrigerators liquid nitrogen tanks, incubators and other equipment that require temperature, humidity, or voltage monitoring.  Why now? We want to make sure research samples and equipment are protected in ways that align with regulatory requirements.

In addition to new monitoring requests, Aeroscout will replace all research equipment currently monitored by OHSU’s fire and safety system. (Our fire and safety system will still monitor fire and safety threats, but we are removing all equipment not directly related to that purpose.) This mandatory replacement will happen in a building by building process concluding March 31, 2016. You may see targeted emails in your areas as well as flyers on individual pieces of equipment also notifying you of this change.

There is a small cost to labs for the changeover. The SVPR Office and Facilities will pay all annual fees and are investing in the infrastructure to make this happen.  For each lab, there is a one-time purchase fee for each monitored device. The most common Aeroscout monitors installed in freezers include the following:

  • T5a – $185 (temperature range: -30C – +75C)
  • T5b – $240 (temperature range: -60C – +140C)
  • T5c – $325 (temperature range: -200C – +140C)

Aeroscout has many benefits over the existing safety system, including:

  • wireless monitoring available at all locations on campus
  • custom temperature/humidity thresholds
  • email, text, phone alerts to your team
  • scheduled and on-demand reporting
  • portability and transferability between equipment
  • location tracking

For more information about monitors and purchasing instructions, search for “Aeroscout” on O2 or contact