OHSU Institutional Biosafety Committee policy on dual use research of concern

Recently, new U.S. government policy was implemented outlining increased oversight for dual use research of concern.

Dual use research of concern is defined as research that can, based on current understanding, be reasonably anticipated to provide knowledge, products, or technologies that could be directly misapplied by others to pose a threat to public health and safety, agricultural crops or other plans, animals, the environment, material, or national security.

In response to the change in federal regulations, the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) in OHSU’s research integrity office posted a policy outlining the definition of dual use research of concern, the process for reporting, assessment and mitigation procedures, and how OHSU will meet federal reporting requirements.

This policy applies to all OHSU faculty, staff, and students who conduct clinical or basic science research involving one of the 15 high hazard agents or toxins identified in the policy. This list includes infectious agents that require biosafety level 3 or higher containment and/or botulinum neurotoxin.

Please contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee at ibc@ohsu.edu for questions about these new federal regulations, the OHSU policy, or if you are uncertain if this policy applies to your research.