Murine CRISPR/Cas9 pilot program updates

CRISPR/ Cas9 gene editing is rapidly becoming the state of the art for mouse genome engineering. During the last year, the OHSU Transgenic Mouse Models Core has successfully used this technology to generate both targeted gene knock-outs and point mutation knock-ins for its clients.

The Transgenic Mouse Models Core has revised its CRISPR pricing structure for 2016. Non-homologous end joining-based gene knock-outs for OHSU investigators will be $2100 per project (150 injections), with the user responsible for design and validation of targeting strategy. CRISPR-based point mutation projects will temporarily remain at $1500 until this approach is considered routine. The same pricing applies for projects aimed at inserting larger fragments of DNA such as epitope tags, loxP recognition sites, fluorescent proteins, or similar insertion strategies. Exploratory technique pricing requires additional consultation with the core for approval.

A new, streamlined option has been added for users with less molecular expertise or resources for knockout. In this case, the user simply indicates the target gene and desired deletion region. Design and validation of the gRNA is conducted through the core, and the user will be presented with candidate gene-deleted offspring to be confirmed by the end user. The price for this service will be around $4400.

These services qualify for the support programs offered by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research ($10,000) and the School of Medicine ($5,000).

Inquiries should be sent to University Shared Resources Program Director, Andy Chitty.