OHSU’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence Q&A: Richard Rylander

OHSU’s entrepreneur-in-residence program was established in September 2015 to help identify technologies with commercial promise and provide OHSU researchers with advice and real-world insights about the commercialization process. The entrepreneurs in residence also provide their business world expertise and experience to OHSU’s existing startup companies and work closely with Technology Transfer and Business Development in their broader commercialization efforts.

Richard RylanderOHSU entrepreneur-in-residence Richard Rylander, Jr., M.B.A.,  helps to accomplish these goals by developing and improving upon OHSU startup company operations. His specific roles include assisting in product pricing, market analysis, business plan guidance, strategic planning, and financing, just to name a few.

We sat down to talk with Rylander to get his thoughts on startup companies.

What is your entrepreneurial background and experience managing startup companies?

I have more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, with roles ranging from sales, marketing, training, market research, and executive management. Over the span of my career, I have been involved in the launch of approximately 18 product development projects and have provided consulting services for a number of startup companies, in a wide range of development stages. I’ve also helped start several companies, taking on various executive roles to help move the company forward in commercializing their products.

What brought you to OHSU?

I have been involved in the startup and technology commercialization space for decades. I am currently living right across the bridge in Battleground, Washington, so I was curious about opportunities to help grow Pharma/Biotech in the Portland area. Ultimately, my goal is to help the community and to make a difference in the biomedical industry. I would also like to see an increase in the life science startups in the Portland area, and build upon OHSU’s life science ecosystem.

What can you bring to the OHSU community and what would you like to see changed during your time here?

Ultimately, I would like to see all OHSU startup companies succeed. To do that, entrepreneurs-in-residence can assist OHSU startup company executives deal with a wide range of challenges, including product pricing, marketing, market analysis, human resources, and investment pitch preparation. Last year, OHSU launched six startup companies, and we are working to increase that number in the future. We hope to assist these companies to create successful business strategies and help them flourish and to develop an attractive business plan to entice acquisition from a larger company (if that is their plan).

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I have been happily married for about 45 years and spend a lot of time with my family. I also enjoy building and repairing computers, reading, gardening, and bowling.

For more information on the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program or to inquire about startup companies at OHSU, please contact Daphne Emerson at emersond@ohsu.edu.