Resources for research with nonhuman primates

Have you ever thought about or are you planning to engage in primate research? The National Primate Research Centers (NPRCs) serve as a unique and valuable national resource to scientists who currently use or are considering using nonhuman primate models in biomedical research. If you have questions about nonhuman primate animal models of human disease or want to learn how the NPRCs can support your research, visit The contact page includes direct links to all seven NPRC websites as well as information for local contacts at each center including the Oregon National Primate Research Center.

Recent updates to include:

  • Hot Topics written by the NPRC directors and core scientists regarding the latest nonhuman primate research on developmental and acquired diseases, including Zika virus, HIV, and autism spectrum disorder
  • Searchable listings of NPRC-related publications, 324 of which have been released in the last six months
  • New information about Pilot Research Program funding available at the NPRCs
  • And more…

Explore the many ways the NPRCs can help you achieve your research goals at