NCI seeking novel insights on infectious agents associated with cancer

It is well established that certain infectious agents play a role in cancer in humans. Worldwide, infections are linked to over %15 of cancers with much higher numbers in developing countries. The translational potential for this area of research is significant and may lead to new therapies and interventions. In order to support discoveries that could lead to better diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancers, the National Cancer Institute is seeking input from the biomedical community with research interest in this field for the following:

  • Existing research challenges and gaps in epidemiology studies related to infection-related cancer
  • Recent basic science innovations, approaches, and discoveries in infection-related cancer population-based research
  • Available resources that can be used to investigate the role of infections in cancer occurrence and outcomes
  • Key scientific disciplines that should be integrated with cancer epidemiology to characterize infection-driven carcinogenesis, as well as specific approaches that could be used in the future.
  • Other relevant issues

Send your responses to NCI by October 31, 2016 via email (preferred).