New research volunteer registry: Volunteer information and biorepository

The Clinical and Translational Research Center now offers OHSU investigators access to a Research Volunteer Registry of subjects interested in participating in research projects. The registry also includes a biorepository with serum, plasma, urine, and saliva from healthy subjects. These biological samples are immediately available as control samples. You can access the volunteer names, contact information, and biological samples in this registry more quickly and less expensively than using traditional recruitment methods.

The CTRC has obtained IRB approval to share these names and samples with investigators. The volunteers have pre-consented to be contacted for future research studies with an umbrella IRB-approved consent form.  In most cases, investigators do not need to submit their own IRB protocols to access the biological samples. For volunteer names and contact information, the CTRC will work with investigators to obtain additional IRB approval in an expedited fashion if it is needed.

The registry currently has medical histories, medication lists, and contact information for more than 400 volunteers. Most subjects are healthy; some have chronic conditions. The biorepository currently houses biological samples from 140 healthy individuals who have no chronic medical conditions and take no medications.

The registry has already provided samples used as controls by the Knight BioLibrary and is providing samples to the OHSU-PNNL collaboration that supports the NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Network.

The CTRC is supported by the Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute. The Research Volunteer Registry expands OCTRI’s coordinated infrastructure of research tools that support research at OHSU. If you are interested in accessing volunteer names or biological samples, please contact the OCTRI Research Navigator at