New OHSU Notice of Privacy Practices: Implications for Researchers

Do you work with human subjects? You may need to do some spring cleaning. The OHSU Notice of Privacy Practices has been updated recently to reflect OHSU’s commitment to providing inclusive patient care and to comply with applicable state and federal civil rights laws (Section 1557). It’s important that your subjects receive this information. If you work with research participants, you should recycle outdated, printed versions of the notice and replace them with the new 2017 versions. Also, if you post it to your website, be sure to update it there as well.

The Notice of Privacy Practices is a provision of HIPAA. All patients have the right to receive this notice–and, importantly for researchers, research subjects who have not been previously treated at OHSU may need to receive the notice if the research provides standard care along with the experimental procedures.

The new notice, with an effective date Jan. 1, 2017, is available here in English (also large font), Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese. If you have any questions, please contact Information Privacy and Security at or 503-494-0219. You can also read more on O2.