Construction in Medical Research Building, June 1–August 28

MRB Impact Notification MAY 2017Construction on the first floor of the Medical Research Building will begin on Thursday, June 1, and continue through Monday, August 28. Suite 180 and a few surrounding rooms are being upgraded and remodeled to meet current NIH guidelines and to provide an improved work environment for research.

The construction includes:

  • Upgraded HVAC system, new lighting, and new scrub sinks in the surgery area
  • New shower room
  • New lockers and partitions in the restrooms
  • New door to separate the surgery area and related rooms from the public spaces
  • Minor electrical work and casework cabinets in two procedure rooms

Next week, posters in the MRB first and second floor elevator lobbies will provide details about the types and levels of noise, along with the construction schedule for specific areas.

Is your work impacted by planned or ongoing construction? Contact OHSU Project Manager Shelley Bonaduce at or Skanska Construction Superintendent Dan Roesler at