Launching a portal to streamline research services at the DCM

Announcing a single portal for animal research: DCM Operations
The Department of Comparative Medicine will be transitioning to a web-based system for research-associated tasks. The centralized system is designed to improve the efficiency of DCM so that researchers can spend more time on research and less time on paperwork.

A platform that is familiar to the research community
The new system, DCM-OPS, is based on the same Huron Click™ platform as the IRB, IBC and IACUC systems. It also is integrated with IACUC protocols and serves as a single portal for animal care management.

comparative-medicine-bannerThrough the DCM-OPS portal, research staff will be able to:

  • Order animals
  • Initiate animal import, export, and transfer requests
  • Request DCM services (e.g., anesthesia machine rentals, drug and transportation requests, etc.)
  • Manage billing accounts
  • View monthly invoices

Training to precede rollout
Training on DCM-OPS will be delivered to research teams according to a rollout calendar. DCM will contact teams in the coming months to discuss the system transition. Be on the lookout for upcoming announcements and training events.

For questions regarding our transition to DCM-OPS, contact Dr. Tracy Gluckman at or 503-494-2477.