OHSU places in top 20 of Nature’s Index 2017 Innovation

OHSU logoOHSU is among the top institutions in the world for influencing innovation, according to a recently published supplement to the journal Nature. OHSU placed in the top 20 of Nature’s Index 2017 Innovation ranking, which measures the quality and quantity of research by institutions and universities worldwide. 
Nature’s metrics assessed an institution’s influence on innovation by calculating the citations of research articles in patents owned by third parties, rather than those owned by the institutions themselves. 
More than 13 percent of all OHSU’s natural science articles appear in the index. Influential research cited in the index was produced across OHSU, from the Oregon National Primate Research Center and Center for Embryonic Cell and Gene Therapy to the Knight Cardiovascular Institute and Papé Family Pediatric Research Institute. The most cited publications were authored by Shoukhrat Mitalipov’s team.   
The top ranking reflects OHSU’s consistent production of original research and technology that is influencing researchers in academia and in private industry and is advancing science, new technologies and new industries. 
Nature’s description of its analysis, which includes the institution’s research articles, collaborations and relationships, was published as a supplement to Nature in August.