How to receive credit at OHSU for CITI Training modules from the VA or another institution

Have you completed CITI Training through the Portland VA or another institution? If so, you may be able to configure your CITI account in order to receive credit at OHSU for modules you’ve already completed in CITI.

One of the many benefits of OHSU transitioning research compliance training to the CITI Program is that courses completed elsewhere have the chance of transferring partial or full credit to other institutions that also use CITI. Each course on CITI is composed of a number of modules. When the individual modules from a course at one institution have the exact same Module ID number as that from another institution’s course, completion credit for that specific module will transfer to the new institution.

It is possible that the entire module list for a course will transfer credit, and you will show as completed for that course at OHSU. For example, the Portland VA Human Subjects Research (HSR) Basic Course and the Refreshers completed in the latter half of 2017 and onwards should match exactly to the corresponding OHSU course. However, each institution has the option to select the individual modules that compose their courses, so all the modules in a course may not match. If you receive credit for only some of the modules, you must complete any remaining modules to receive full credit for that course at OHSU.

To see if your modules will transfer credit to your OHSU CITI account, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Affiliate your existing CITI account with your OHSU CITI account in one of two ways.

  • Log in to your CITI account associated with the external institution. On the Main Menu page, click on the blue bar near the bottom that says “Affiliate With Another Institution.”
  • Log in to your OHSU CITI account here. On the Main Menu page, click on the blue bar near the bottom that says “Affiliate With Another Institution.”
    • Note: If you have not logged in to your OHSU CITI account before, by logging in through this link you will be guided to create your OHSU CITI account. You can affiliate any existing CITI accounts with your OHSU CITI account during this process.

Step 2: Add the corresponding OHSU CITI course to see which modules transfer.

  • A course must be added to your OHSU CITI account in order for previously completed modules to transfer. This can be done by clicking the “Add a Course” link on the Main Menu page of your OHSU CITI account.
  • Start by selecting the OHSU course with the name most closely corresponding to the course you completed at another institution. For most courses, there are multiple versions, such as the Basic Course and different Refresher Courses. If you look at the list of modules you’ve completed, sometimes the module titles will include “Refresher” or “Basic” in parenthesis to help you identify what version of the course these modules are likely to transfer to. You can use “Add a Course” to change the version of your course until you find the one that offers the most transfer credit for a particular course.


If you have any questions about OHSU CITI Training, please contact Research Integrity at