OHSU and UO announce seed funding for collaborative research

OHSU President Joe Robertson and UO President Michael Schill

Last spring, 90 researchers from OHSU and the University of Oregon met to explore new ways to collaborate on research. One of the outcomes of that meeting is a new funding opportunity to stimulate joint research projects. The Office of the Senior Vice President for Research at OHSU and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation at the University of Oregon announced the program this week.

The seed program funds two kinds of projects:

  • Convening – for example, bringing together teams of UO and OHSU faculty for structured meetings to incubate collaborative ideas likely to lead to applications for external funding or other revenue generation or other infrastructure development activities designed to prepare the team to be successful in future grant funding.
  • Piloting – for example, pilot studies designed to provide feasibility evidence or preliminary data for joint UO-OHSU grant applications or joint publications to support grant applications.

A nonbinding — but required — letter of intent is due March 16th. Applications are due Friday, April 6th.

The opportunities require a PI from the University of Oregon and a PI from OHSU. Any full-time OHSU faculty member at OHSU who is eligible to be a PI can apply. If you have questions regarding these opportunities, contact Rachel Dresbeck at funding@ohsu.edu. You can also follow this project on the OHSU-UO Partnership website.