Make your voice heard: Input on draft NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science due April 2

The NIH is asking for your input on the draft of A Strategic Plan for Data Science. NIH Deputy Director for Extramural Research Mike Lauer solicited comments and suggestions on the draft strategic plan, published today, March 5.

This is a unique opportunity for OHSU faculty, researchers and administrators to help NIH serve the research community. Contribute your insights via the online form by April 2, 2018

The NIH strategic plan for data science has five overarching goals:

  • Support a highly efficient and effective biomedical research data infrastructure
  • Promote modernization of the data-resources ecosystem
  • Develop and disseminate advanced data management, analytics and visualization tools
  • Enhance workforce development for biomedical data science
  • Enact appropriate policies to promote stewardship and sustainability

In addition to the highly integrated goals, the plan articulates strategic objectives and implementation tactics.

The next milestone in supercomputing — exascale computing — is on the horizon. This level of computing is 1,000 times faster than the current petascale level, which performs a quadrillion calculations each second. At the exascale level, supercomputers will be able to more realistically mimic the speed of life operating inside the human body. The possibilities for OHSU researchers are enormous.

Given its expansive and data-intensive research portfolio, OHSU input could have a significant impact on NIH approaches to data science. Please make your voices heard!


Draft of the Strategic Plan for Data Science

Request for Information: Soliciting Input for the NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science

Online form to be submitted by April 2, 2018