REDCap module brings new charting functionality to clinical research projects

The Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute’s informatics team has launched a new REDCap module for data visualization at OHSU. Over 2,400 OHSU researchers use REDCap to manage research data for their collective 1,600 projects.

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While REDCap includes a wide variety of research data collection, management, reporting and security features that robustly support clinical research, Vizr brings new charting functionality to support recruitment and retention tracking, one of the most critical factors to successful clinical research projects. Vizr provides a flexible and intuitive way for investigators to monitor recruitment and retention performance against targets in real time. Vizr supports single and multi-site clinical research studies with ease as the figure shows.

REDCap was initially developed by Vanderbilt University, which continues to oversee its ongoing development and the implementation of new features. REDCap is supported by a consortium comprised of over 2,900 institutional partners in more than 125 countries. OCTRI was one of the first 10 members of the REDCap consortium and has long tradition of contributions to the consortium including development of the first module in REDCap to enable integration with electronic health records (EHRs). Vizr is also available to any REDCap site through the REDCap external module repository hosted at Vanderbilt.

“We are excited to share this tool with the broader REDCap community and our investigators here at OHSU,” said Robert Schuff, director, clinical research informatics, Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute. “Vizr grew out of a highly successful set of visualizations developed for a specific clinical trial run through the OCTRI/DMICE Data Coordinating Center. These tools allowed us to monitor in real time on a weekly basis, our recruitment across three disparate sites in a population that is classically very difficult to recruit and retain. Vizr is a great example of how a CTSA like OCTRI can act as a pipeline to develop, demonstrate and disseminate new and impactful approaches to clinical and translational research across the U.S.”

The OCTRI informatics team encourages you to reach out to with questions or to drop in to the regular REDCap Help Sessions for more information.