Biomedical Research Building PET/MRI construction begins Dec. 2018

Construction at OHSU

Update Jan. 15, 2019: Construction for the PET/MRI suite is anticipated to begin in Feb. 2019 and last roughly 9 months. You may request project update emails from Shelley Bonaduce at

A PET/MRI suite and pneumatic tube system will be installed on the first floor of the Lamfrom Biomedical Research Building.

This project is part of OHSU’s strategic initiative in imaging using radioligands and will leverage the capabilities of the Center for Radiochemistry Research. The PET-MRI will become part of the Advanced Imaging Research Center, home of multiple MRI instruments used for research. OHSU researchers across multiple fields will have access to a suite of advanced imaging tools to enhance clinical care and accelerate scientific discoveries.

LBRB PET/MRI construction highlights

There will be significant construction activities during the eight to nine months of the project and impacts are anticipated to affect levels B1, 1 and 2. In the LBRB PET/MRI presentation to the right, floor plans are color-coded by construction zone, anticipated construction dates and expected impact.

BRB PET-MRI presentation
August 2018 presentation of LBRB PET/MRI construction zones and impacts

Nov. 13, 2018 update: See revised Noise and Impacts schedule.

Noise and vibration monitors will be set up during construction to monitor the impact levels and alarm if levels are reached. Details are provided in the executive summary from the noise/vibration testing conducted earlier this year.

Stay up to date with project update emails

Starting a week before construction begins, project notifications will be emailed weekly describing the next week’s activities and impacts. A one month look ahead will be included in each weekly update. If you want to receive project notifications, email Shelley Bonaduce at

The project team understands that this will be an impactful project and they are working to limit these impacts as much as possible.

Contact Shelley Bonaduce at with questions, suggestions or feedback, or to receive project update emails.