Workshop: Managing translational informatics projects, Sept. 21

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Translational informatics projects are increasingly cross-institutional and even international; managing them comes with lots of shared pain points. This one-day workshop provides hands-on training to anyone organizing or managing cross-functional distributed teams that develop code or analyze data across the translational divide.

Managing translational informatics projects
Friday, Sept. 21, 2018, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Robertson Life Science Building.
Registration, including for remote options, is required for this free workshop.
See the National Center for Data to Health announcement for more information, including agenda and to register.

Presenters will introduce several practical tools and techniques for managers facilitating these kinds of distributed teams. The hands-on training will familiarize participants with helpful tools and techniques and with the information necessary to determine which tools might work best for particular contexts. The team concludes with a session that welcomes participants to share additional pain points and related experiences.

  • Who should attend: Open to all; priority will be given to the Informatics program and project managers, as well as PIs that may function in this role.
  • Prerequisites: No prior knowledge of any of the tools is required; participation in any or all of the modules is welcomed.
  • Cost: Free; registration required.

Note that if the workshop is oversubscribed, a second date will be considered.

For questions about the workshop itself, contact the National Center for Data to Health at
In late 2017, OHSU, Northwestern University, University of Washington, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and several other organizations were awarded a five-year $25 million cooperative agreement from the National Center for Advancing Translational Science to create the CTSA Program National Center for Data to Health. CD2H is tasked with coordinating and integrating informatics for the CTSA Program to promote data reuse and interoperability, tool sharing, informatics fluency, and collaboration.