Batten disease from bench to bedside: OHSU Brain Institute forum, Nov. 26

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Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, or Batten disease, is a rare, fatal class of inherited disorders of the nervous system. OHSU investigators have been at the forefront in developing treatment strategies for these disorders. Some of OHSU’s leading researchers of Batten disease will speak at the 2018 OHSU Brain Institute Annual Forum.

2018 OHSU Brain Institute Annual Forum
Exploring Batten disease from bench to bedside
Monday, Nov. 26
4 to 6 p.m.
OHSU Hospital, 8th floor auditorium

A team of scientists at the Oregon National Primate Research Center discovered a population of Japanese macaques that carry a mutation in a Batten disease-causing gene. Findings of the discovery were published in July 2018 in Neurobiology of Disease.

At the forum, co-authors of this paper will talk about Batten disease genetics, the discovery at the Oregon National Primate Research Center and current and future plans for treating the disease with gene therapy.

Physician-scientists will discuss their clinical experiences with Batten disease, including the first neuronal stem cell transplants in human patients as part of a clinical trial to treat Batten disease, as well as experiences with the first FDA-approved therapy for Batten disease.

Speakers will also discuss the partnership forming between the ONPRC and the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, which is a Batten Disease Center of Excellence, as recognized by the Batten Disease Support and Research Association.

Featured speakers:

Betsy Ferguson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Oregon National Primate Research Center

Jodi McBride, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Oregon National Primate Research Center

Nathan R. Selden, M.D., Ph.D.
Campagna Professor and Chair, Neurological Surgery

Amy Yang, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Molecular and Medical Genetics

The OHSU Brain Institute Annual Forum provides an opportunity for the research community to learn about the latest research and clinical care on a specific brain disease.

Following the lectures, there will be a social hour with appetizers and aperitifs. RSVP is requested to Kate Stout at


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