Migration complete: Aeroscout Monitoring System replaces Fire-Public Safety System

The Senior Vice President for Research and Research Facilities have completed a multi-year project to improve equipment and environment monitoring in research labs. The migration of research equipment to the Aeroscout Monitoring System has been accomplished.

All research equipment monitored by Fire/Public Safety will be disconnected by Nov. 30. Note that the Fire/Public Safety System cannot trace all equipment. If you are unsure of your equipment’s monitoring status, please email Craige Mazur as soon as possible for verification.

Aeroscout monitors ultra-low temperature freezers, liquid nitrogen systems, CO2 fail-over switches, cold rooms and other equipment that requires temperature, humidity or voltage monitoring.

Aeroscout benefits:

  • wireless monitoring available across campus
  • custom temperature/humidity thresholds
  • email, text, phone alerts
  • scheduled and on-demand reporting
  • transferability between equipment
  • mobile equipment tracking

If you would like to add monitoring/alarming to equipment, please visit the Aeroscout site on O2.