Tech Transfer and Ximbio create a new life science collaborative research program

Marie Wang, Ph.D.

OHSU Technology Transfer and Business Development has created an internship with Ximbio, one of the world’s largest non-profit tech transfer services dedicated to life science research.

Marie Wang, Ph.D., was named the inaugural intern. She will work alongside OHSU scientists to identify and describe otherwise unreported novel research reagents generated at the university.

Wang completed a postdoc research fellowship in neuroscience at OHSU, working on projects involving Alzheimer’s disease and glia and brain vascular biology.

The internship is intended to benefit OHSU researchers who are generating new reagents and biomaterials, as well as scientists at other academic institutions and industry.

Ximbio will include the newly reported material and the researcher to its website. This fulfills the scientific obligation to make published and/or federally funded materials available for verification by the scientific community. In addition, the site provides a review mechanism that allows other researchers to rate how effective the materials are.

Trina Voss, technology development manager at OHSU Technology Transfer and Business Development will work with researchers, Wang and Ximbio to help bring reagents and biomaterials to academic and industrial researchers. Once the technology is licensed, Ximbio handles all the packaging and shipping. A large part of any royalty payments from OHSU materials deposited with Ximbio will help fund continued research at OHSU.

The goal is to accelerate life science research and make all research reagents widely and easily available.

For more information about the program, contact Marie Wang at