NRSA Technical Components, Feb. 22

If you’re planning to apply for a pre- or post-doctoral NRSA (F30/31/32) fellowship from the NIH in the near future, we encourage you to attend this workshop to learn about essential, non-research elements of your fellowship application. Topics covered include how to set up your proposal in InfoEd, how to develop a budget, how to manage reference letters, biosketches, and other institutional forms, and elements of a great training plan.

This upcoming workshop is led by Jason Jaworski, grants and contracts administrator with the Office of Proposal and Award Management, and Rachel Dresbeck, Ph.D., senior director, OHSU Research Development.

NRSA Application Workshop
Friday, February 22, 2019
1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
RJH 4340

This workshop is open to applicants but may also be useful for department-based research administrators and faculty. All are welcome!

Workshops are held about 8 weeks before each fellowship deadline each year (June, October, and February for the August, December, and April deadlines).

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