OHSU and UO announce 2019-2020 Collaborative Seed Project RFA

OHSU's Xiaolin Nan (left) and UO's Ramesh Jasti

The OHSU and University of Oregon Collaborative Seed Project has issued a Request for Applications. This is the second Collaborative Seed Project round of funding.

Pictured above, current piloting awardees Xiaolin Nan (left), from OHSU’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Ramesh Jasti, from UO’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, discuss their joint research project, “Nanohoops as new materials for multiplexed biological imaging.” (Photo courtesy University of Oregon)

This funding mechanism, launched in 2018, aims to build on strengths of faculty at both institutions, deepen UO-OHSU partnerships, and prepare UO-OHSU teams to apply for external funding that will provide long-term support for collaborative research programs. The overall purpose of this CSP is to significantly increase the number of externally funded UO-OHSU collaborative projects.

Download the full RFA and learn more about how OHSU and UO are building closer ties.
The Collaborative Seed Project application portal opens March 15, 2019 

This RFA retains the structure of seeding both piloting grants and convening grants. It also adds a Phase Two piloting grant mechanism that current piloting awardees are eligible to apply for if they have made substantial progress toward receipt of external funding.

For both award types, it is expected that the work reflects a true collaboration, with comparable roles, responsibilities, and budgets at the two institutions and a commitment to a joint future grant submission with significant activities and funding at both institutions. For Convening and Phase One Piloting applications, the committee prefers to seed new collaborations, although expansions of existing collaborations will also be considered.

For inquiries, contact (UO) Kate Petcosky-Kulkarni (kpetcos2@uoregon.edu) or (OHSU) Rachel Dresbeck (dresbeck@ohsu.edu).