Login changes coming to Box, Compass, Qualtrics and more, Feb. 12

Two-step login with Duo

Starting Feb. 12, the Duo Mobile app will be required when logging in to Shibboleth-enabled tools from outside the OHSU network.

If you’ve been using Duo Mobile, then there is nothing more you need to do. Shibboleth is the single sign-on application you use when logging in to many of OHSU’s cloud-based tools, including Banner, Box, Compass, LinkedIn Learning, MedHub, Qualtrics and Sakai. Starting Feb. 12, you will need the Duo Mobile app to log in to any Shibboleth-enabled application from outside OHSU’s secure networks (i.e., the wired network and OHSU-Secure wireless network).

Why it matters

Even if you do not need to access any OHSU applications remotely, it’s still a good idea to protect your OHSU account with Duo. Here’s why: If someone steals, guesses or hacks your OHSU credentials, they can try to log in to OHSU applications pretending to be you — and if you aren’t enrolled in Duo, you might not have any idea that your credentials have been compromised.

If you are enrolled, the app will give you a push notification that someone is trying to log in using your account, and you can tap “Deny” to block that login attempt. So even if it’s not something you might personally need, it can help keep the OHSU community safe and secure — and it can give you some peace of mind, too.

What you need to do

If you haven’t been using Duo Mobile, read the Staff News announcement for details on what you need to do before Feb. 12.

Duo Mobile is already required to log in to mail.ohsu.edu and a few other applications from outside OHSU’s secure networks — for example, when your computer is connected to your home network or any public Wi-Fi network, including OHSU-Guest or Eduroam. If you’ve been using Duo Mobile, then there is nothing more you need to do.

Note: Security tokens (key fobs) are available upon request if you cannot or do not want to use the app. Refer to the Staff News announcement to learn how to request one.