Login changes coming to Citrix March 19, 2019

Two-step login with Duo

UPDATE March 18: The implementation of Duo on Citrix is being postponed.
Duo will not be required to log in to Citrix remotely starting March 19. Note that Duo will continue to be required to log in remotely to mail.ohsu.edu, VPN and single sign-on applications, including Banner, Box, Compass, LinkedIn Learning, MedHub, Qualtrics, ReadySet and Sakai. A new implementation date for Citrix will be communicated once it is determined.

 — Starting March 19, you will need the Duo Mobile app to log in to Citrix remotely.

If you’re already using Duo Mobile, then there is nothing more you need to do.

To use Duo with Citrix, enter your username and password and the app will send a push notification to your smartphone to confirm it’s really you trying to log in. If it is you, approve and carry on. If it isn’t you trying to log in to Citrix, tap deny and call the Help Desk right away to change your password — someone else has it.

Duo Mobile is already required to log in to mail.ohsu.edu and single sign-on applications from outside OHSU’s secure networks — for example, when your computer is connected to your home network or any public Wi-Fi network, including OHSU-Guest or Eduroam.

What you need to do

If you don’t have the Duo Mobile app yet, read “Citrix users: Don’t get locked out!” on Staff News for details on what you need to do before March 19.

If you’re already using the Duo Mobile app, then there is nothing more you need to do. Just familiarize yourself with how the Citrix login experience will change starting March 19 — it works a bit differently for Citrix Receiver than it does for mail.ohsu.edu and single sign-on applications. Read the Staff News announcement to learn more.

Note: Security tokens (key fobs) are available upon request if you cannot or do not want to use the app. Refer to the Staff News announcement to learn how to request one.