There’s no conflict in research, right?

Everyone in research should have conflicts of interest in mind. Join this discussion of our academic community’s obligations when it comes to timely, accurate disclosure of complete information about our outside relationships and interactions.

Panel discussion on conflicts of interest
May 13, 1–2 p.m.
OHSU Auditorium

Andrew Watson, Ph.D., CLP, Technology Transfer and Business Development, OHSU

Kara Drolet, Ph.D., Research Integrity, OHSU

Ken Gatter, M.D., J.D., School of Medicine, OHSU

Jeffrey Jensen, M.D., M.P.H., School of Medicine, Oregon National Primate Research Center, OHSU

Mark Slifka, Ph.D., Oregon National Primate Research Center, OHSU

Erick Turner, M.D., School of Medicine, Center for Ethics in Health, OHSU

A panel of experts will dive into current and emerging trends, discuss recent research on conflicts of interest, and provide best practices from the perspectives of researcher, clinician, and entrepreneur.