Winners and highlights from Research Week 2019

Research Week 2019 reception

Research Week promotes and applauds the OHSU research mission. The annual celebration provides a venue for researchers from across OHSU to meet, talk and spark collaborations. Students, faculty and research staff present their work in oral and poster presentations. Awards, listed below, recognize the best presentations in the oral and poster categories.

Each year, a host of individuals, groups and organizations make the event possible. This year, more than 500 participants — a keynote speaker, 153 poster presenters, 219 oral presenters, 13 game show competitors, 57 volunteers, 41 judges and 15 panelists — contributed to Research Week.

New this year

Research Week 2019 included several firsts, including a forum on the science and ethics of gene repair, an Art of Science competition and a full day devoted to clinical research.

The Art of Science competition concludes soon – cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award by midnight, June 26, 2019

The Clinical Research Professional Conference at Research Week brought roughly 250 people from 20 organizations to Marquam Hill. Experts from across OHSU and around the state hosted panels on topics ranging from regulatory issues to recruitment and clinical research support systems. Plenary speakers drew audiences for talks on the changing regulatory climate, reducing reversals and the future of clinical research.

Be sure to mark your calendar now for Research Week 2020 – the festivities begin May 4 and run through May 6.


Thank you to all who made Research Week 2019 a success! A special thank you to OHSU Research and Innovation and the OHSU Graduate Student Organization for providing both the financial and moral support needed to make Research Week a success. Thanks to the OHSU Library for opening their doors for the fabulous poster sessions and opening reception. Special thanks also go to all our fantastic volunteers, without whom there would be no Research Week.

—The Research Week Planning Committee


The Graduate Student Association recognizes the top 10 poster presentations and top 10 oral presentations with cash awards. Winners represented research conducted in schools and departments from Marquam Hill, the South Waterfront and West Campus. See the winners below.

Oral presentations

Gina Calco, “Eosinophils protect against obesity in mice on a high-fat diet”

Catlin Dennis, “Safe gun storage: A survey of preferences among parents and caregivers of children”

Nathaniel Evans, “Identification of atypical dose-response curves and implications for drug sensitivity designations”

Gaelen Guzman, “Host sphingolipids in the phagocytic uptake of Mycobacterium tuberculosis”

Mary Medysky, “Feasibility and preliminary efficacy of vinyasa yoga to mitigate functional decline in patient with lung cancer during treatment: A pilot quasi-randomized controlled trial”

Kaycee Moshofsky, “Effect of combined trametinib and anti-PD-1 treatment on immune responses in acute myeloid leukemia”

Siddharth Patel, “Lipid nanoparticles for delivery of messenger RNA to the back of the eye”

Kyle Romine, “BRD4 inhibitor resistance arises due to increased expression of anti-apoptotic BCL-2 family member proteins in Acute Myeloid Leukemia”

Poster presentations

Breanna Caruso, “Elucidating the role of PD-1/PD-L1 signaling in thymocyte selection”

Jenny Eng, “Immune-tumor spatial architecture in breast cancer”

Alyssa Hersh, “Home AEDs for children with cardiac conditions associated with intermediate risk for sudden cardiac death: a cost-effectiveness analysis”

Gabriel Franta, “Completeness of breast cancer risk data in the electronic health record: comparisons with results of an online mammography decision aid”

Zoe Glick, “Determinants of cost and variability between posterolateral fusion and Interbody Fusion Procedures”

Zachary Goldstein, ““Femoral allograft donor site location for osteochondritis dissecans of the capitellum: Best fit based on radius of curvature””

Jason Kent, “Deep mutational scanning to identify SDH variants associated with human cancer”

Tiffany Lee, “Test-retest reliability of vestibular perceptual thresholds in yaw”

Alexandra Pincus, “Optogenetic activation of mouse airway parasympathetic neurons to provoke bronchoconstriction”


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