Partners in Science program: Mentorship opportunity

Partners in Science mentoring opportunity

Academic researchers mentor high school science teachers in the Partners in Science program — reinvigorating teachers’ passion for science so they can pass it on to students in their classrooms.

Professional development for science teachers

The Partners in Science program of the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust offers high school science teachers, or Partners, the opportunity to work alongside college or university scientists on real-world laboratory research of mutual interest. The goal of the program is to build students’ interest in scientific discovery through teachers who are excited about science and scientific discovery.

Partners in Science aims to revitalize Partners’ teaching and help them appreciate the use of inquiry-based methods in the teaching of science. The Murdock Trust uses the Van Andel Education Institute’s Community of Scientif­ic Practice Model. Participants will be intro­duced to this model by a coaching team of veteran Partners.

How to apply: Applications are completed by Partners and mentors together and must be submitted by mentors under the auspices of their research institutions. Potential Partners and mentors can visit for details.

Application deadline is Dec. 1, 2019; candidates are notified in March 2020. 


Mentors must be academic scientists or principal investigators who hold an appointment in a natural science department at a research institution in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana or Alaska. The investigator must have an active research program as evidenced by grants and/or publications. The high school teachers should possess academic qualifications in appropriate disciplines and a full-time appointment and be active in high school science teaching. 

How it works

Partners spend two summers in a college or university environment pursuing research with their faculty mentor. In the January following each summer, partners attend a national meeting with funding by the program. They deliver poster presentations the first year and oral presentations the second year.

  • Summer training on translating research experience into classroom practices
  • Mentoring from a trained Implementa­tion Coach (Photo courtesy of Partners in Science, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust)
  • Two-day January national conference where you will present your research
  • Access to online professional develop­ment resources
  • Opportunity to apply for a $7,000 grant for resources to extend research into the classroom


Contact: Kim Newman at or 360-694-8415