Strategic Investment Funding, application deadline Sept. 16

The Strategic Investment Funding award supports projects that are close to achieving independent funding and have potential for high-impact in the investigator’s field of research.

This Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute award provides $5,000 to $20,000 to further a research initiative. Funds must be spent by June 30, 2020.

Examples of appropriate funding requests include:

  • Collection of preliminary data that are critical for the submission of near-term funding applications
  • Augmentation of existing research: exploring additional analyses, exploration of related hypotheses, or collection of additional observations, with the goal of helping the researcher achieve specific outcomes or milestones
  • The demonstration of proof of concept needed for the development of a technology or new product with biomedical impact, thus allowing licensing or the formation of a start-up
  • Providing essential momentum for a new collaborative research focus (e.g. a multidisciplinary research group needing funds to enable a research conference with well- organized outcomes such as new grant preparation/submission)

Awards are dependent on the availability of funds and subsequent RFAs will be evaluated on an annual basis.

If you have questions, please email Melissa Mudd at