OHSU researchers see new tool for laboratory safety: BioRAFT

Taking chemical inventory

A new research safety management platform, BioRAFT, is being implemented at OHSU to provide PIs and laboratory managers with simplified systems for activities such as maintaining chemical inventories, radiation safety, and inspection records.

Pictured above: Environmental Health and Safety student technician Varsha Datta scans new bar codes as part of cataloging a laboratory’s chemical supplies. EHS will complete each lab’s first chemical inventory. All research labs at OHSU will be required to use BioRAFT for lab safety management after implementation is completed during 2020.

Environmental Health and Safety will use BioRAFT to schedule, perform and maintain histories of lab inspections. Radiation safety and compliance tracking will be migrated from EHS Assistant to BioRAFT.


You do not need to take any action until EHS emails you about onboarding and training for BioRAFT.

During implementation, laboratories will receive one-on-one support for BioRAFT and comprehensive training. In the spirit of easing the burdens on laboratories, the training sessions have been tested to make sure they are clear and effective and respect your time.

BioRAFT is being implemented in labs across OHSU in three phases: (1) South Waterfront, (2) West Campus, and (3) Marquam Hill. Implementation on the South Waterfront and West Campus are near completion. The final phase, laboratories on Marquam Hill, will begin in early 2020.

Detailed BioRAFT information

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You can find detailed information about OHSU’s BioRAFT application on the EHS BioRAFT web page. For labs that have implemented or are preparing to implement BioRAFT, the web page includes user guides on Safety Data Sheets, chemical tracking and platform setup. Note that EHS will complete each laboratory’s first Chemical Inventory.

The BioRAFT platform is designed to support community safety and reduce accidents. It will also help OHSU maintain compliance with federal and state laws and help ensure our eligibility to apply for federal grants and other financial assistance.

General safety and compliance resources from EHS

BioRAFT is one of many tools provided to researchers by EHS. You can find out more about EHS support on their website, which includes resources such as the Safe Drain Disposal List, Radiation and Laser Safety information and EHS fact sheets. The Fact Sheet page includes a Hazardous Waste FAQ, Chemical Fume Hoods and P-Listed Chemicals List, as well as detailed information on Safe Drain Disposal and other safety topics.