University Shared Resources pilot funding, apply by Nov. 13

Advanced Light Microscopy Core

University Shared Resources pilot awards support principal investigators working with OHSU cores, especially for generation of data for new grant applications and development of new workflows, assays or technologies within the cores. 

Deadline: Nov. 13, 2019 
Apply here 

Applicants must collaborate with one or more University Shared Resources core directors in developing the project. Applicants must be OHSU faculty members; however, projects that support a trainee’s work are eligible.

The competition is open to all OHSU faculty in all schools, institutes, and centers. Previous awardees are eligible to apply with a new project, but new applicants may be given priority. A single award may be used to support a project that involves more than one USR core. 

Before applying, you must contact the directors of the proposed USR cores to discuss the proposal. The core director will provide a feasibility assessment and a technical review, which will be submitted along with your proposal. To be competitive, proposals must meet the goals of the program—to support pilot data for grant applications.

For questions about this program, please contact Andy Chitty.

Individual award amounts will vary depending on projected expenses in the proposed core and will be based on need. The upper limit for pilot awards is $10,000, although applications of lower amounts may receive priority. The full award must be used in the core or cores specified in the grant application and only for the services described. A combined total of $100,000 is reserved for this funding mechanism in FY 2020.