OHSU joins UO, OSU, PSU, OIT on new agreements to share research facilities

(Photo) Advanced Light Microscopy Core: Looking at a magnified image of sensory cells for sound and balance in the inner ear

Scientists at five universities now have easier access to the dozens of specialized laboratories and centers housed in university facilities across Oregon – including major campuses in Portland, Eugene, Corvallis and Klamath Falls.

A new reciprocal rate agreement formalizes an arrangement by which scientists can share specialized research cores at OHSU, the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Portland State University and Oregon Tech. By pooling resources, universities are expanding access to cutting-edge technology while also encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists across Oregon.

Researchers outside OHSU will save as much as 25% from the typical surcharge applied to outside researchers using the OHSU resources. The reciprocal rate agreement means scientists at OHSU will see similar savings at the four other institutions.

Among the state-of-the-art resources covered by the new agreement, researchers will have access to OHSU’s Multiscale Microscopy Core, which provides advanced scopes and experts to scan biological molecules at near-atomic detail. Likewise, OHSU scientists will be able to take advantage of the University of Oregon’s Center for Advanced Materials Characterization, where scientists can analyze and build micro materials such as photovoltaic cells.

Intellectual property agreement
In addition to reducing financial barriers to sharing research cores, additional agreements among the universities clarify ownership of intellectual property for discoveries made as a result of research jointly conducted among scientists. This addresses issues that can dampen enthusiasm for collaborations.

Participating cores

Below is a list of cores at the five participating universities. The full list of included OHSU cores will be maintained on the OHSU Cores and Shared Resources site. 

OHSU Cores

Oregon State University Cores

Portland State University Cores

University of Oregon Cores

Oregon Institute of Technology Cores

  • College of Engineering, Technology and Management, Renewable Energy Facility