Extend the Reach of Your Research Week Abstract


Will you be presenting at OHSU Research Week 2020?  If so, consider submitting your abstract to OHSU’s open access institutional repository, Digital Collections.

The Library is excited to include Research Week abstracts in the repository and help OHSU students and scholars make their work more accessible and citable. Abstracts submitted to Digital Commons will receive a DOI, making it easier for others to discover your scholarship and for you to cite these contributions in biosketches, online portfolios, and curriculum vitae.

Unlike a conventional url, a DOI is a “persistent” identifier and remains associated with an article irrespective of changes in the article’s address.

For questions about DOIs, contact OHSU’s repository librarian Pam Pierce at piercepa@ohsu.edu or 503-494-0642.

Works can be submitted to the institutional repository by answering yes to “Do you wish to make your abstract publicly available and citable In the OHSU Institutional Repository maintained by the OHSU Library?” when you submit your abstract.

OHSU Librarians are available to address questions related to copyright, funder mandates, and licensing options. We can also advise on strategies for tracking and communicating the impact of research to diverse audiences, including providing and assessing impact and usage metrics for digital scholarship.

For more information about the Library and its services, please visit the Contact the Library page. 

For questions about scholarly communication and research data services, contact Robin Champieux, director of digital scholarship and research engagement, at champieu@ohsu.edu or 503-494-7720.