OHSU partners with MIT to help beat the pandemic

OHSU is partnering with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the MIT COVID-19 Challenge, a series of virtual health hackathons focused on developing and implementing immediate solutions to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s the Challenge?

The first in the MIT COVID-19 Challenge series will be held on April 3-4, and the topics being tackled are:

  1. Supporting the Health System
  2. Protecting Vulnerable Populations

How can I get involved?

For additional information, please contact Sarah Biber, Ph.D. (bibers@ohsu.edu). 

Here are some ways that members of the OHSU community can get involved:

Join a virtual challenge as a mentor or participant.  
Apply here. Anyone who is potentially interested in participating as part of an OHSU team should also register here. This will assist us in being able to put together teams from OHSU.

Suggest problem statements. 
What are the specific challenges being faced by our community related to the areas above, and what would it take to implement impactful solutions in a timely fashion? Suggest a problem for teams to tackle here.

Because of the pandemic, OHSU Invent-a-thon has been postponed until October 23-25, 2020. More information and applications available at https://inventathon.org/.