COVID-19 funding opportunities from OCTRI and ONPRC

TEM image of an isolate from the first U.S. case of COVID-19.

Two new funding mechanisms are supporting COVID-19 research. Due to the urgent subject matter, each has quick-approaching deadlines; the deadline for the Oregon National Primate Research Center is April 10, and the deadline for OCTRI’s Biomedical Innovation Program is April 23.

ONPRC COVID-19 Pilot Grant Research Program

What does it sponsor? The program seeks to support short-term projects using nonhuman primate models to study COVID-19 virology and pathology. All research activities that use nonhuman primates must take place onsite at the ONPRC.

Who should apply? Applicants should either be ONPRC Core Scientists or have an ONPRC Core Scientist involved in project execution and management. You must be faculty-rank and eligible to serve as PI on NIH R-type grants.

How much funding? The maximum project budget is $75,000, and funding is for one-year projects.

How do I apply? Submit your application to ONPRC’s Director’s Office by emailing Kimberly Sass at by April 10, 2020, 5 p.m. PDT.

OCTRI BIP COVID-19 Rapid Response

What does it sponsor? The BIP is seeking proposals for basic or clinical research across the translational spectrum that directly addresses COVID-19. Research from all disciplines is welcome.

Who should apply? Applicants must fulfill all OHSU Principal Investigator Requirements. Make sure the work proposed is feasible and has a direct and quick connection to solving COVID-19 problems, and that your team is demonstrably well-equipped to do the work.

How much funding? The maximum project budget is $75,000 and will generally fund projects for six months.

How do I apply? First, submit a Technology Disclosure Form to OHSU Technology Transfer, then submit the COVID-19 Study Questionnaire. If approved, submit your application through REDCap. The application is due April 23, 2020, so make sure to complete and get approval from all necessary forms before the 23.